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Gordon Mote “All Things New”

Few artists possess a more impressive resume than Gordon Mote. And few artists have had to overcome more challenges to realize their dreams. Blind since birth, Mote’s faith provides the foundation for his life and constantly fuels his creative spirit. When he was just three, Gordon surprised his family on Thanksgiving by sitting down to the piano and miraculously playing “Jesus Loves Me” with both hands. “I was just passionate about music,” states the Attalla, Alabama native. “My music is so eclectic today because I listened to every album I could get my hands on growing up. As kids, my brother (who is also blind) and I traveled and sang in churches of all sizes and denominations.”

As a young man, Mote became one of the first blind students in the country to be mainstreamed into the public school system and later received a full scholarship to Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. After three years at JSU, he transferred to Nashville’s Belmont University and graduated with honors. Two days after graduation, Country music legend Lee Greenwood asked Gordon to join his band. Since then, he’s toured with Trisha Yearwood, Porter Wagoner, Gaither Vocal Band as well as the long-running Gaither Homecoming Tour.

As a studio musician, Mote’s big break came when Country Music Hall of Fame keyboardist Pig Robbins (who is also blind) was unable to make a session and recommended that Gordon fill in. That particular day, Alan Jackson cut the poignant 9/11 tribute, “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?”—resulting in the first number one single Gordon played on. Since that time, Gordon had played for Country music’s biggest names, including Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Lionel Richie, Alison Krauss, and many others. His unmatched studio prowess earned him Music Row Magazine’s instrumentalist award in 2009 and 2011, which recognizes the musician who played on the most top ten albums. Mote is honored and humbled by the artists and producers who place their trust in him, “I always try to bring my creativity and do the very best I can.”

Since stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, Mote has recorded an impressive body of work---three instrumental and six vocal albums---including the Dove Award-nominated If You Could Hear What I See (2004), Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory (2007), Songs I Grew Up Singing (2012) and his acclaimed Christmas collection The Star Still Shines (2012). A two-time winner of the Academy of Country Music’s top piano/keyboard player award, Mote has recorded with Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Gaither Vocal Band, Alan Jackson, and many, many others. Yet on his latest New Haven Records album, All Things New, Mote again proves he’s more than just Music City’s most respected musician, he’s also a consummate artist. From the exuberant title track to the compelling “Meanwhile Back at the Cross,” Mote’s voice wrings every ounce of emotion from tender ballads and teems with passion on high energy anthems. “I never recorded a project that is as fun--but as deep--as this album,” Mote says with a smile.

For All Things New, Mote assembled a collection of potent songs that acknowledge life’s struggles while reverberating with hope and percolating with energy. “Down by the River” is a contagious tune featuring the famed Gaither Vocal Band and platinum-selling country artist Trace Adkins. “Do You Believe in Love” is a buoyant celebration featuring Mote’s friends Darius Rucker, Josh Turner, Sheryl Crow, Matthew West and Scotty McCreery. “I’ve played for every one of these artists on their records. For them sing on mine was a real honor,” Mote says. Frank Rogers, well known for his work with Paisley, Rucker, Turner and McCreery among others, produced the bulk of the album. Dove Award winners Wayne Haun and Russell Mauldin produced the remaining tracks. Mote and Rogers have been friends since they both attended Nashville’s Belmont University. “Frank was a rock for me through this whole process and his talent speaks for itself,” Mote says. “He’s an extraordinary songwriter who knows great songs.”

A gifted songwriter himself, Mote contributed four songs, including “All Things New,” “Sound a Dream Makes,” “For You,” and the autobiographical “Broken Open.” He also tapped some of Music City’s finest tunesmiths, including Don Sampson and Jim Brown, who wrote the lead single “Faith Like That.” “I have friends who have had experiences that could have shaken their faith to the core,” Mote says, “but they were steadfast in their testimony to God’s faithfulness, goodness, and mercy. I want to have a faith like that.”

Mote continues, “I love to record songs of hope. ‘God of New Beginnings’ is a prime example. It’s about a husband and wife who are headed toward divorce. The first verse tells the story from her side and the second verse tells the story from his, and then finally how God redeems their marriage.”

Mote penned the autobiographical “Broken Open” with Frank Rogers and Kyle Matthews. “I had a wonderful childhood, but grew somewhat lonely as a teenager as my friends were getting driver’s licenses and leaving me behind. Whether you’re blind or not, all of us experience insecurities. I learned that my brokenness made me more open to God’s love as well as more sensitive to the brokenness in other’s lives.”

When he’s not on the road (150 dates a year) or in the studio, the devoted family man can be found spending time with wife Kimberly and their three children---Samantha, Parker and Ashton. On All Things New, Kimberly and Samantha join Gordon in the studio to sing “For You,” a beautiful worship song he penned with Jason Cox, Kenna West and Sue Smith. The song also features the Voices of Lee University. Gordon reflects, “I wanted to write a song that says, ‘Lord, I’ve been so blessed, but if You never do another thing for me, I’d still love You for You.’”Upon hearing All Things New, those familiar with Gordon will recognize his contagious joy for life, his inspiring generous spirit, and his undeniable passion for God. Likewise, those who are hearing Gordon for the very first time will find a friend who will inspire them through whatever challenges they face.

Mote concludes, “I wanted this project to encourage others to let the Lord use the rough parts of their lives for his glory just like he has in mine. If we’ll give God the chance to make all things new, He will.”